MINIBUCKS are our way to say thanks for being awesome, you earn MINIBUCKS every time you spend your BIG bucks!

For each £1 you spend with us here on the website, you’ll earn 1 MINIBUCK.

When you get to 50 MINIBUCKS you’ll be rewarded with a £5 discount, which can be applied at checkout. For every further 50 MINIBUCKS the discount will increase by another £5, so you can redeem them whenever you're ready!



Below is your unique link that you can share anywhere online. If anyone clicks the link and buys from our website, you will get the MINIBUCKS they earned as well. 

This is a great way to earn lots of lovely MINIBUCKS really easily! On average every ten minifigures bought using your unique link will earn you enough MINIBUCKS to claim a FREE minifigure!

The link contains your very own unique ID, so our system knows to add the additional MINIBUCKS to your account. Please note, you will not earn double MINIBUCKS by clicking on your own link.

Just copy and paste to share on social media, messaging apps, blogs and emails.



You can also link to particualr categories or products just by adding your unique ID to the end of the webpage link. 

Here are examples of how to link to a particular category or product if your unique ID was 99999