Minibucks - Loyalty Points

Minibucks are a high value loyalty points scheme that we run, to say thanks for being awesome! You’ll earn Minibucks every time you spend your big bucks. For each £1 you spend with us here on the website, you’ll earn 1 Minibuck. Once you’ve earnt 50 Minibucks you’ll get a £5 discount, which can be applied at checkout. For every further 50 Minibucks the discount will increase by another £5. All you need to do is create an account here and Minibucks will automatically be added everytime you login and place an order.

Want to earn even more Minibucks? Join us on our social pages such as Twitter, Facebook and Instagram and share photos of you and your minifigs and you could win up to 25 Minibucks as a thank you for sharing.