Dia De Los Muertos Collection

Dia De Los Muertos Collection


Celebrate the lost Minifigures with our new Dia de Los Muertos collection! Full of colour and joy, they’ll brighten any display.


Dia De Los Muertos Collection contains 2 Minifigures:

LA CATRINA: LA CATRINA is here to celebrate Dia de los Muertos and honor the ancestors with joy and happiness. She’ll spend time with her family and share stories about the minifigures that have been lost, and remember the good times. 

EL MARIACHI MUERTO: If you’re looking for some entertainment during your Dia le dos Muertos celebrations then look no further than EL MARIACHI MUERTO. With a skeletal grin on his face and a tune in his heart, he’ll soon get minifigures smiling and dancing to heartwarming songs and exciting guitar melodies.

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